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Fresh herbs in Vietnamese Cuisine

1. Rau răm – Vietnamese coriander :
Usage: eating raw in salad, vietnamese grilled chicken, boiled eggs

2. Rau quế – Vietnamese Basil
Usage: eating raw in wrap and roll dishes, sour soups, beef noodles soup ( pho tai )

3. Rau diếp cá – Fish Herb
Usage: eating raw

4. Rau kinh giới – Vietnamese Balm, Vietnamese Lemon Mint
Usage: eating raw ( Beef rice noodles soup Hue style,…)

5. Rau húng lủi – Spearmint
Usage: mostly eating raw

6. Rau ôm – Rice Patty Herb
Usage: Used raw with pho tai, canh chua soup, and as medicine in cough treatment

7. Rau tía tô – Vietnamese Perilla
Usage: eating raw in wrap and roll dishes and soups

8. Rau ngò gai – Sawtooth Herb, Thorny coriander, Culantro
Usage: Widely used in pho bo ( vietnamese beef noodles soup), bun rieu ( vietnamese crab meat rice noodle soup), sour soup and salads

9. Sả – Lemongrass
Usage: Used in soups, grilled and stir-fried dishes

10. Thì là – Dill
Usage: Most used in the north Vietnam in fish dishes .

11. Ngò rí – Cilantro, Coriander
Usage: Mostly used for decorating, vietnamese savoury bread, soup…

12. Húng cay – Peppermint
Usage: eating fresh in wrap and roll dishes, salads…

13. Lá lốt – Pepper leaf, wild betel leaf
Usage: used in stir-fry ,wrapping and soups

14. Rieng – galangal
Usage: Used in soup or eating raw with dog meat ( north vietnam)

Below are greens and herbs plate which are never missed in vietnam meal
Pancake served with over 23 styles of herbs
Pancake served with over 23 styles of herbs
Herbs and Spicy beef noodles soup Hue style
Herbs and Spicy beef noodles soup Hue style
Herbs plate and Crabmeat Rice noodle soup
Herbs plate and Crabmeat Rice noodle soup

Note that many of these herbs begin with the word “rau” to denote the full name. In daily conversation, however, it’s okay to omit “rau” as people will still know what you’re talking about! However, there are a few exceptions, such as rau ram, which you’ve got say both words for people to understand you.
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